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Your story is so valuable.

We give a voice to nonprofits, business owners, innovators, creative thinkers, and those in love.

"Their real gift lies in their ability to tap the pulse of any relationship and convey what makes a couple tick and intertwine it with their shots, focus, music, and all the other touches they put in."


"You want someone who is quietly confident, someone who sees the magic and importance of the small moments that make up something so much greater than you could realize, until you see the video itself! She will listen, she will invest in you as a couple and understand your vision, then add what only she can do with her talent..."


"I would never have thought that a wedding video would be that important...wow was I wrong. My wedding video is the ONE thing I go back to every time I want to bring back the feeling of that day. I felt as though I had known Shayna for years."



Kelsey + Stephan
Shayna Banfe | 04, November

What I learned from Kelsey + Stephan is always say yes to ice cream and marry your best

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Micro Beavertail wedding // Lindsey + Adam // Rhode Island wedding film
Shayna Banfe | 04, November

This was the first micro wedding I’ve got to be at and I’m so in love! Lindsey and

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Jenna and Dave
Jenna & Dave
Irene | 18, August

Meet Jenna, who literally danced and laughed her way through the entire day. The second I saw her

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