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Kat & Davey Wedding
Irene | 7 September

Let’s be honest weddings can be pretty crazy with the amount of preparation & detail that go into them, but

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Nate & Steph Wedding
Irene | 24 August

Stephanie and Nathanael’s wedding was like a Free People photo shoot that cuddled up to a Kinfolk dinner. The beauty

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Jake & Amy Wedding
Irene | 12 November

Jake and Amy may possibly be the best looking people you have ever seen, but the wild thing is they

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Cappuccinos with “Mr. Providence”
Irene | 14 September

Another part in a series of short videos we are publishing, highlighting people we have met on our trip. We

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Love Calling To Love
Irene | 10 September

A glimpse into the adventures of the Holysmokes girls as they investigate things of the supernatural this year on their

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Rachel and the East St. Louis Dreamcenter
Irene | 31 August

As we have been traveling across the US for the last six months we have met some really wonderful people.

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Robbie & Mae Leah Wedding
Irene | 13 July

Robbie and Mae are not only a beautiful couple, they know how to balance intention and deep meaning with buckets

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Christian & Jesse
Irene | 21 December

Sometimes I care about a couple and then when I get to film their wedding I totally fall in love

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Holysmokes Wedding
Jery & Martina Wedding
Irene | 22 October

If Wes Anderson planned weddings I imagine they would be like this one. Everything about the day was purely magical.

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