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Nate & Steph Wedding

  24.08.2014   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Stephanie and Nathanael’s wedding was like a Free People photo shoot that cuddled up to a Kinfolk dinner. The beauty in which they love each reminds us of how great

Jake & Amy Wedding

  12.11.2013   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Jake and Amy may possibly be the best looking people you have ever seen, but the wild thing is they are actually more beautiful on the inside. This was the

Cappuccinos with “Mr. Providence”

  14.09.2013   Irene   Business, Portfolio   No comments

Another part in a series of short videos we are publishing, highlighting people we have met on our trip. We met Mike through a friend in Providence, RI, and he

Love Calling To Love

A glimpse into the adventures of the Holysmokes girls as they investigate things of the supernatural this year on their 12 month documentary roadtrip. To follow more closely, and for

Rachel and the East St. Louis Dreamcenter

  31.08.2013   Irene   Portfolio   No comments

As we have been traveling across the US for the last six months we have met some really wonderful people. We met Rachel through a friend, and without really even

Robbie & Mae Leah Wedding

  13.07.2013   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Robbie and Mae are not only a beautiful couple, they know how to balance intention and deep meaning with buckets of fun. We loved celebrating these two at their San

Weston & Therese Wedding

  20.03.2013   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Christian & Jesse

  21.12.2012   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Sometimes I care about a couple and then when I get to film their wedding I totally fall in love with them. There was something so sincere and special about

Jery & Martina Wedding

  22.10.2012   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

If Wes Anderson planned weddings I imagine they would be like this one. Everything about the day was purely magical. A wedding full of style, sentiment, and fun just like

Robert & Isa Wedding

  24.08.2012   Irene   Life Events, Portfolio   No comments

Rob and Isa are such a beautiful couple! They radiated love in the way they looked at each other and the care they gave their son. Their wedding was such