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Meet Jenna, who literally danced and laughed her way through the entire day. The second I saw her shoulder shimmies, while the girls were getting ready, I knew this was gonna be a fun one. Dave matches Jenna’s joy with his depth and huge warm smiles. The chemistry between these too is unmatched. Throughout the day, all the special details that were uniquely them were hard to miss. They shared the story of how they found each other, running along the Charles River and having it as the backdrop during their vows was rich with significance. The wedding, held at the Boston Museum of Science, also reflected their value of learning and exploration. I chose the song, Anywhere We Go by Kaptan, because of their love for travel. As they professed and was so evident in their wedding….Love is all around!

Music licensed from The Music Bed: Anywhere We Go by Kaptan
also from Art List: Family by Josh Leake – Benjamin
Venue: Museum of Science in Boston